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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Gypsy outreach to Mimon

The Rychnov 5 to 10 Club spent 3 days camping at the church in Nove Mesto in July. It is very difficult to find a camp/building that will rent to a gypsy group but the Nove Mesto Church has warmly welcomed the Rychnov gypsies.

During that time there was a grand opening of a club for gypsy youth in Mimon. Like the 5 to 10 Club, it is registered as a secular NGO (non governmental organization) but is is run by a Christian couple. They invited Christian groups to participate and it lasted for half a day.

The Nove Mesto Gypsy Church supplied the Worship team and some speakers (preachers). A pastor from Ostrava (from the other side of the country) also spoke. And the Rychnov 5 to 10 Club performed the skit about Salvation that the church had done in the gypsy outreach in Rychnov even though they were not Christians. Later they told the leaders that is was their favorite part of the weekend.

The Nove Mesto Gypsy Church is already reaching beyond their local church into their culture and God is blessing them. To see the co-operation between the churches and clubs from different parts of the country is spectacular progress. Who says that God isn't working in Europe. Not us!