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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Long day in the life of a missionary

We were asked by the pastor in Tynec and his elder who is a teacher in Benesov if we would spend the morning in school and the evening giving our presentation on We Were Hippies (which includes Ken's salvation testimony).  So on March 15, 2013 Ken and Linda left home at 4:30 am in order to be in Benesov by 8 am when the first class began.  For the next five hours we were in 6 double classes talking about Easter traditions in America and asking students how they celebrate Easter.  We shared our personal family tradition of going to church and celebrating the Resurrection and we had each class go on an Easter egg hunt.  We had 10 plastic eggs with candy and one empty egg hidden around the classroom.  The person who got the empty egg was surprised but then we told them about the empty tomb and that it was the "special" prize and they got the grand prize of a small chocolate Easter bunny.  It was great fun to interact with more than 120 teens and we pray that it opens doors for their Christian teachers to be able to share more later.  We were very busy and did not have time to take pictures.  However, there was a school photographer who took pictures and promised to email us some but even after a reminder, he has failed to keep his promise.  If he sends us pictures, we will post them later.

That evening Ken spoke about "We Were Hippies".  We are always surprised who comes to these presentations.  That evening it was great to see a mix of all ages.  After the presentation there was a time for asking questions that both Ken and Linda answered.  The meeting lasted from 6 pm - 8:30 pm.  We love our own bed so we drove home and arrived just before midnight.  Fortunately, we had nothing scheduled for the next day so we slept in.