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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Believe it or not, we are often asked to do a presentation called We Were Hippies. Ken and I have done this over 20 times in about 16 different towns. We were hippies when we were in college and as a young married couple so many years ago. But this is a subject of great interest to both young and old here in Czech. In 1968 the Warsaw Pact re-invaded Czech as they were trying to get closer to the West and information about what happened in the hippie movement was no longer available. Many Czechs have never heard that thousands of hippies found what they were looking for (LOVE, PEACE AND BROTHERHOOD) in Christ. We talk about the hippie lifestyle and philosophy and then our personal conversion story. It is a powerful testimony.

On November 29th we were asked to do it in Nova Paka, a small town about 40 minutes from Liberec . It was a very cold (20F) evening and snow had been falling for the last few days. We were wondering if maybe we should cancel. But to our delight we arrived to a full room of both young and old. One of the unusual things we do on these evenings is introduce them to pseudo-hippie food - brownies laced with mint leaves and electric Kool Aid with fizzy vitamin C tablets as the replacement for harder drugs.