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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2010 EAST BOHEMIA ENGLISH CAMP in Kraliky, August 1-8

The leadership for this year's East Bohemia English Camp came from 5 different towns/churches in the Czech Republic: Rychnov, Usti nad Orlici, Kraliky, Dobruska and Liberec. But we worked as a great team. There were 29 teens, ages 13-19. About 1/3 were Christians and 2/3 were unbelievers. And we had a terrific team of 8 American teens from Club Beyond and their leader come from an American military base in Germany. This year's camp had a great blend of English classes, fun and spiritual input. In the evening there were short talks followed by small group discussions that covered important topics for teens and challenges to consider Christ. And, of course, during the day Christ was presented incarnationally through the lives of the Christian leaders and believing teens. It may have been the first time some of these teens have ever met a lively Christian. Only 1/2 of 1 percent of the population are born-again in the Czech Republic. Although technically an atheistic country (70% marked atheist in the last census), many have just never considered Christ. It was a pleasure to see how open the teens were to hear and ask questions about Him. Another great aspect about this camp is that the leaders have committed to continue to minister to these teens throughout the year. We praise God for this opportunity to affect the lives of these precious people. Please pray for His continued outpouring on this country.